Development Returns to Infectum

f you’ve been following my development of Infectum over the past two months you would’ve noticed little to no information being spread or created. This was due to my school schedule and work load. I try to at least put in two hours of work in a day towards Infectum. Now I still have no idea whether this amount of time will be possible in the coming months, but it should jump start the progression of this game. It’s still in the concept phase as I develop the GDD and it’s proving to be a large project as I’m nearing 25 pages just for the game overview.

As I continue to develop the document it will add on more sections. Currently there are only one sections entirely completed. In total there will be 10 sections. I’m nearing the mechanics part of the document which is a very large section in the document. It encompasses everything that the game will do. For any game this section is the largest. The entire roadmap to completing this document is conquering each section and sub-section. Below is the list of all sections that will be covered in the design document for Infectum.

  • Game Overview
  • Gameplay and Mechanics
  • Story, Setting, and Characters
  • Levels
  • Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Technical
  • Game Art
  • Secondary Software
  • Management
  • Appendices

Now I know it lists 11 sections, but the appendix is for listing all assets that the game will use. This section is written as the game has more assets. This is more of a reference for any developer I may hire in the future to help with this project. However before I hire anyone I will have to license my business and copyright the completed design document. As well as other legal papers to trademark Cryecss and Infectum. In due time these will be done as development continues.

As I write more and more for this game it gets me excited to make it. I’ve already picked up learning LUA and almost done reading a book about it. I must say that LUA is a great scripting language for CryEngine. I’ve also purchased a book about C++ to learn the language to help develop the server side of Infectum. I will require help from a seasoned developer. I’m happy with how the development is rolling so far, and I can see myself later this year with a playable build for Infectum.

As for right now I will be going to sleep. It being 11:00pm and me having a large test tomorrow for my Cisco Academy I must get to sleep. Over the summer I plan to get a lot of development done and getting a job to help fund some of the costs this game will have. When I have a playable build I’ll start reaching out to kickstarter to help fund my entire project. It’s been a while since I started building this entire idea. It’s motivational to see people follow my project development here on my blog, facebook, or twitter. Until next time I’ll be working hard! Thanks for reading!

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