Get blocks is an addicting game where the goal is to just simply get blocks, the more you get the harder it is to miss the other blocks. As you collect the sweet blocks they instantly turn against you and become obstacles. Causing you to lose health if you hit them.

Roll to Fap

Bringing the good fun of 4Chan's many different fap games to your desktop, without ever having to go to 4Chan. The game is simple. You go the page and it rolled for you. Whatever showed up you had to do. Regardless of what you wanted to do.


Infectum is a game that combines a few game mechanics together from multiple games in a fun and innovative way. The game is fast-paced in which humans equiped with with special suits battle against an infected force. As one has described it, a zombie apocalypse on steroids.

Blocks Engine

An experimental component based game engine written in Typescript.