Bug Squashing and Bug Tracker & Update progress

To push along the whole idea of making it easier for users to report bugs with the site I’ve added a bug tracker to Cryecss.net. You can find the tracker here([REDACTED]). It’s a much needed feature, plus you can see the development of the site by what’s broken and fixed.

As time progresses 0.15 is closer to release. I’m at a part in the development where it’s possible to release, but with this it doesn’t have much use or change other than some minor fixes and requests. As in, there is authentication now, it works and has some nice features with it. The problem I’ve come across though is that I want to continue with the development of 0.15 so that users can register and have at least an online favorites list, if not that then be able to post comments.

It’s also high on the list to add a way to add more SWF’s to the database I currently have 3,000+ lined up to be released, but currently having two databases one for the beta & one for moardammit.com has caused an issue with linking structure. In the development site I have all the flash files local in a directory, for the misc site it pulls directly from the moardammit repo. The issue that arises is if I add more files to the dev repo they won’t be in the moardammit repo, so when the beta site tries to find a file that’s only in the dev repo it’ll cause a 404 error. If I add files to the main repo then I have to merge the files into the new database structure which will be a pain. I’d much rather run a script when I’m taking moardammit 2 out of beta and making it the main site.

I’m excited to get this update out to you guys as it’s a big update and it adds a lot of little features as well as huge to make the site much more usable. The local favorites was a step in the right direction. I believe a few of the updates I’m going to push will also increase the usability.

**To learn how to use the tracker go here.**

Thanks for reading!

Chris aka. Sieabah

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