MoarDammit 2 Pre-Alpha Update 0.13

It’s been a while, and with that time comes a big list of fixes and additions. Every update you can always check the help section on the left panel. This also holds all the possible hotkeys you can use on the site.

**This update was only tested on Chrome & Firefox.** The other browsers will see fixes in update 0.14.


  • UIFader - Fades the site after some time, similar to pressing F8.
  • Audio-Mode - Pressing A on your keyboard will bring in the fader and allow music to play without the swf showing
  • Favorites (Local only) - Add/Remove Favorites by pressing F or the button in the menu
  • More robust help menu
  • Report Menu (Not available in public as of now)
  • New Scrolling for Menu’s & Favorites
  • Embedding - append /embed after the number and you’ll get the swf embedded
  • Administrator Settings - Toggling if features can be used by guests


  • Issue when first arriving on site after accepting epilepsy warning
  • Menu toggling spam, now has limit on hotkeys
  • Scaling and sizing with <700 pixel windows
  • Remove double sound calls for Menu buttons

The list isn’t that vast, but the updates that are done are large, the favorites system will continue to be valid on the domain None of the favorites that you have will be transferred when it’s moved over to the moardammit domain. I can’t do anything about this at the current time. You may just have to hand copy them all over to the new site.

The next release will be working on fixing any bugs that I come across while using the new features, and maybe adding the reporting menu to the public. A lot of the guest systems will be in update 0.15. There are plenty more things to be added to the new site, and 0.14 will be around the corner. 0.15 will be further ahead.

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