MoarDammit 2 Pre-Alpha Update 0.12

Well so far I’d like to say that the site is coming along nicely. It’s shaping up great and so far is keeping it’s cross browser compatibility. There’s some bug with the system for IE in the prealpha that doesn’t exist in the dev version and that’s having authorization issues. I can’t see as to why it’s having this error but here’s the fixes that were released from the last version.

  • Fixed hide swf’s
  • Fixed restarting swf’s
  • Fixed layering in firefox, opera, IE, and safari
  • Fixed Tab shifting
  • Fixed bug with loader rotation
  • Fixed browser compatibility with embed/iframe tag
  • Fixed Epilepsy warning breaking URL pushing
  • Fixed IE not loading SWF’s
  • Fixed IE 401 Error
  • Fixed Opera 401 Error
  • Fixed IE/Opera Protocol mismatch
  • Added more helpful information

Unfortunately some bugs appeared that weren’t in the dev version, such as the 401 error with IE and Opera iframe overrides for the embed tag. I don’t know why exactly this error occurs because when I port it over from the dev version I lose a lot of the debugging ability that I have to find what exactly is causing the error.

Between the time I started writing that and now, which is a good 20 minutes, I’ve figured out the issue as to why it failed. It’s just the protocol in which it was called. I sent the specific url including ‘http’ into the php script, which unfortunately causes the page to break. Switching out the http: and leaving the protocol as // leaves it up to the browser to determine which protocol is best to use. It just so happens it’s also the only way I can send the file through the browser. I’ll probably fix this up to be less sloppy, but for right now IE and Opera are back on the table for working perfectly with the new update.

There are plenty of new features coming in the next update, they probably won’t be out for a while because it’s a hefty update, more back-end work than front end, and I have to make sure it works smoothly with the current UI.

The other plan I’m working on is using the domain I purchased ‘’ and using that domain for the plain site that isn’t a full featured in-browser application. It’ll be for light use and static content. They’ll pull data from the same database, and will have everything the same, one just is static and feels like a website while the other is an app. This however is far down the road after I work through all the bugs with this version and finish up the rest of the features.

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