Just to my IE Users

I’m sorry you have to read this, but your browser cannot view this site for right now. The switch over to the new AJAX loading system has made it so IE cannot load the pages. It just ‘flashes’ them and brings back the original video. I’m working on an IE specific page, but it’d go a whole lot quicker if you were to use another browser. There are plenty! You have Firefox, Safari, ?Chrome, and Opera. I developed the site primarily in Chrome so you’ll probably get the best experience if you use it. I try to keep everything working in every browser, but IE doesn’t even let me use the AJAX calls that I just switched over to.

You can view the SWF’s linked from people, but you cannot use the navigation until an alternative method is created. Sorry for the?inconvenience. To aid your wounds from using Internet Explorer please try one of the following browsers!

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