MOARDAMMIT.COM :: Updates to linking structure and submissions!

Well that’s a big assumption now. Well it’s pretty good if you ask me. So today I finally got one of the biggest things out of the way. Submission of SWF’s by anyone! While at the same time being easy for me, and safe for the site! If you’re wondering how you can get to the newly created submission page you can head on over to pull down the menu and click on “upload”. You’ll be taken to a page that allows you to upload the SWF. Then you’ll have to wait for it to be accepted. In due time I"ll make it so you’ll be emailed, but for right now you’ll have to just guess when it’s up.

So another huge update is the linking system, again. Instead of having the hassle of adding ?n=, which really wasn’t much in the first place, but nonetheless I’ve made it so you could just do the number and not have to worry at all. I’ve also made the site compatible with all browsers. Except Opera, for some reason Opera doesn’t like the tag. I dunno why. I’ll try to make it compatible in the future, but for right now it’s not something that I can just easily figure out.

So besides the linking update and submission there isn’t much new. The new admin panel for submissions relies on the same interface as the reports menu. So it’s easy to still use. It’s still a work in progress as I add more features, but for the time now it gets the job done. As I return to work tomorrow the site is in a state which I can leave it at for hours on end. Soon I will create the ability to edit the tags and send out an email.

Yesterday’s post was the bulk of what has been updated, today’s post is a little short due to not much being done. The submission page too quite a long time! Getting everything smooth with AJAX on the Admin Panel was also a fun experience.

Well that’s really all for now, Thanks for reading!


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