Moar Dammit

No matter how hard I try, I always manage to make something related to the random site. However this time I’ve taken preference to a specific type of media, which is SWF’s. They’re more entertaining than images and very easy to manage. There are plenty of SWF sites around the internets, but I feel that mine is pretty good compared to them. They’re known as ‘flash galleries’ and is a pretty popular one, but has a terrible interface. Another one is, which is better than but still has a not-so-comfortable interface. In the past it was better, but they’ve went backwards. The only problem with my current site is that is fails to load in Opera, and IE has an issue with CSS3 gradients. Those will be fixed in due time, but the majority of users can still actually watch the videos and use the UI without a problem. IE still can load the SWF’s but the interface doesn’t “pop” with a white glow.

I currently don’t have a method to submit SWF’s mainly because I’m still working on it. Along with submitting SWF’s I need to come up with a search and also a tag system. These however will be done in a more smooth way rather than reloading the page. Except submissions, that will be on a separate page just to cause less pain with listening to a single SWF while yours is uploading.

As I continue to work on the site there are some tips to make your experience better, pressing space bar automatically sends you to get another SWF, right arrow causes you to go +1 in the list, and left arrow causes -1. If you press f8 you will remove the UI, pressing it again will bring it back. If you want a URL hack you can put “&c=1” when you want to embed or link without showing the UI. This method completely removes the UI and makes the single page only usable through keyboard actions.

Reporting is also a feature that will flag each video. I have not set up reasons for reporting and I do plan to do that in the future. With reporting it gets flagged and shows up in the admin section of the site. Currently there is a log in box on the front page, but only I have a working log in at the moment. User registration will be available as well as I continue to work on the site, just now I fixed a problem with actually being able to log out, so, yeah.

As I continue to work on the site more and more features will be added, such as commenting and sharing. The most important thing though is that I will keep the site clutter free by having tabs or some other method of being able to access the features. I plan on using the keyboard to be able to access the features as well.

Some planned features include comments, share-to-site, submission, users, favorites, search, working back function, and many more as I think of them.

For now you can visit the site, but be warned that it is under construction and can sometimes be broken.

Click here to visit

Thanks for reading, I’ll try to keep updated as I continue to work, but college is coming up and might interfere with my free time on this project!

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