Say it ain’t so! Now wait a minute before you start freaking out. No I’m not halting it forever, but for the time being Cryecss and all of it’s projects are going to be put on hold until further notice.

“Why?” you might ask, well to put it simply, I have a job now. I’ve filled the role of a Junior programmer at Darklore Games and this is where most of my time will be spent for the time being. Let me assure you that Infectum isn’t going to just disappear. It’s a dream of mine that I hope to make a reality one day as a side project, who knows it might even been a school project that I create.

I can’t speak much about my position or what I will be doing besides that I’m a programmer. Other than that you can leave it up to your imagination as to what I’d be doing. When I’m able to I’ll write on this blog about updates towards Cryecss, Infectum, and the direction I plan to move as time passes. So until then I’d love if you guys still spread the word about Infectum so it can build a following over the years. (No, I won’t be silent for years. Don’t take it that way.)

I’m sorry for anyone who was expecting a release or more information, but look at it this way. This job is going to give me the know-how and experience I need to be able to do this game.

Thanks again for reading, I hope to see this project launch in the future and make it big, but that will have to wait.

Christopher S. aka Sieabah L. Park

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