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Dang it’s been a while since I posted here! I’ve given the blog a nice face lift from the old theme and hopefully this one will work out better than before. I’ll have to work on the plugins so it’s more user friendly, but other than that it’s progress to becoming Cryecss. Now to clear up confusion on why the name changed you’ll have to read on.

Okay, well as most of you are confused as to why there was a big change from to I thought I’d make a big long post about it. Alright well I did this once before and it was the transition from to If you’ve been following this site since then I applaud you. Since then however there has been a large amount of data collected over the years. Most of that data is still there, but never touched or used. So once again it’s that time of the year to clean out every part of the website to start fresh, especially since I’m trying to drop a lot of unfinished projects and really start a new one and not stray. I will however have two projects going on at the same time, but I’ll get into that later. As of right now these folders have been deleted, so if you know you have used any of these links, just know that they won’t work anymore.

  • /eco/
  • /offsec/
  • /pron/
  • /proxy/
  • /purchase/
  • /restricted/
  • /sg/
  • /stonedfilmer/
  • /rtf/
  • /media/
  • /mc/
  • /dev/
  • All folders dealing with Visual Arts Studio
  • Various /beta/ folders

Now it may seem like just a small amount of folders, but all of those folders managed to take up about 60GBs of data. Now I’m trying to slim down my website and dropping 60GBs of data is a great feeling because I no longer have to support those 60GBs of data. Now I did backup everything just in case I or anyone else actually needed any of those files, but I doubt they’ll be needed. Looking through some of the folders however I found some content I wanted to keep, so instead of adding them to the cluttered random site, I decided to make a junk folder that will be organized at a later date. If anyone uses the random site you’ll probably hate to hear that I’m going to stop supporting it in 2012. As much as I enjoy having the randomness content displayed on my screen I no longer have the time to support the massive project that the Random Site is. Seriously, it’s **huge.** Random Site 5 was meant to minimize the work I had to do and push it on the users to add content and moderate it, but I found myself having great difficulty pulling it off in the way I wanted. Then having to support the large amount of browsers. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari are the only browsers I plan to support. I truly only want to support Chrome and Firefox as IE takes an extremely long time to support new standards. Even then IE likes to implement the same standards their own way. So regardless I’m tired of having to create multiple style sheets to get the same experience on different browsers.

Anyway this isn’t a rant post, if you’re still following this post, great! As I said before the Random Site will not be in the directories in 2012 and even earlier depending on how fast I can sort through it. I might upload the Random Site 5 Shell and infuse it with the old methods so you can still waste time, but don’t expect any updates. I need to focus my energy elsewhere such as school and completing my CryEngine course. Speaking of Cryengine you’ve probably noticed the name has ‘crye’ in it. Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. The name is taken from Crytek, so I hope they won’t mind if I use Crye- in my name. The CSS in the name is also significant to me. No, it is not cascading style sheets, nor is it Counter Strike: Source. No, it is the initials to name I was given. As for when I will reveal my name is unknown at this point. I will however make my site based around me, as it will be my portfolio for jobs, college, or some other various thing I don’t know yet. That is what the name means and hopefully I’ll be able to keep this for a while. I’m still looking for a group name that has a sound of a game developer.

I’ve talked about the direction of the site and what is planned so now it’s time to get into what is going on in my personal life. I thought I would sneak this into the middle of this giant post so it wasn’t all up front and at the bottom where people would see ‘personal’. My life currently is good, could be better, but with the struggle of taking college level courses in high school are putting me in a mood that isn’t so great. Especially when you get that feeling that you did good, or at least decent on something and you get it back and realize you made dumb mistakes. Everywhere. Argh, other than that however there isn’t much to bring up that is worth noting.

On to Cryengine talk! I’ve been waiting since UDK came out for a release of CryEngine that can be used in the same way. Even though Crytek is slow to bringing out updates the engine itself is worth the wait. What bugs me about UDK is the ‘cooking’ you have to do for lighting and any other scenarios that require you to spend hours rendering to be able to test your game. Cryengine so far is snappy, I never have to cook the game and it runs okay. Of course I ask for low performance trying to make everything high resolution and using a nVidia 430 video card. It is worth the pain as I hope to get a 570 by this christmas. It’ll go nicely with my 12 core machine. I’ve recently also purchased tutorials from Eat3D based on CryEngine. So far they are great! Anyone who wants to pick up CryEngine I highly advise to purchase the CryEngine Introductory series offered on Eat3D. I hope after I finish these tutorials they create more to further the series onto more complex topics and creating an actual game. I’ve managed to create a pretty decent looking level, but I want to create so much more. Here’s a small preview of what I’ve been working on. If you’ve registered on you’ve probably seen these images and already know what the rest of the level looks like. Now I’m not bragging as a lot of the level is very poorly rushed as this is my first level. I still am following the tutorial series as he explains more in depth each feature of the engine. I’m already on Volume 2 Pt2, so I’m halfway finished the series. Hopefully I’ll create something useful or fun by the end!

I’ve talked enough for this post, over 1000 words is good enough for an explanation of why the site changed, cleaning, cryengine, site name, personal life, and whatever I mentioned but can’t remember. Thanks for reading, if you actually read this far :). I’ll be sure to keep this page updated more often, and somehow start to use twitter. That cursed thing that I promised myself to stay away from. Eh, can’t do it forever considering how much it offers for update statuses, or just overall progress on something.

See you next time!

Sieabah L. Park

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