4.0 Released

After a couple more hours of tweaking and making images for this it’s finally done! If you experience any problems, or any of the text is difficult to read them please send an email to [REDACTED] describing the problems you experienced while surfing the new site.

To start, the front-page now displays simple advertisements and most recent projects with links to their blog posts. Some link to categories based on the site. The Random Site link at the top of the site has been removed because that site is now going under construction. This means new features will be here eventually! The blog page is the same as the index on the old site, except it’s a lot prettier and formatted correctly. Woo! The photo gallery is pictures of my past work and concept drawings that I will upload eventually. Right now however, the only thing is the work I?ve done for people. You can watch the slideshow, or slide through the images using the buttons above. The about us page tells you when and how was created and how it was formed. It also gives some secret information into how the name was came up with. On this page also displays the possible projects on the right, basically the same thing as the front page. The contact page displays my email so you can send me anything you wish, and a picture of forge world where we are centered in the machinima Legacy.

Now with that out of the way I’ll be able to concentrate on Random Site 4.0 and Legacy. I plan to get all of the problems worked out with Legacy before I start on Random Site 4, but who knows. I do know, however, that Random Site 4.0 will be out before Legacy.

Until next time,


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