Random Site 4.0

Random Site 4.0 is such a massive update from the current 2.0 version that it skips 3.0 entirely. Technically the random site is on it’s 4th version. I have all the versions still up on the site actually, and I plan to remove/store them with the 4.0 version so I can clean out the 40 folders in the random site. Yeah, it’s a hefty 35GB too.

I do still have all the versions online, and now with 4.0 I?ve decided to take the size of 2.0 and mash it with the beauty of 3.0.



V3.0: [REDACTED] [This link is 3.0 until 4.0 is released]

Version 1.0 was great for the first couple days it was out, but it was extremely inefficient at delivering the content directly to you. Now it did provide some awesome things, but one thing that it did not do was allow you to continue playing music while surfing the website because the main page would be the one with the music player on it. It would be that, or have a pop-up. So in version 2.0 I took this into consideration and used an iframe within my page and links to target it so you could look into the world of random. Named the Random Viewer was perfect since you were looking through a, at the time, big window. When I realized that the current site was still not up to standards with delivering content to the users, and was really not the experience that you’d love when browsing such content I decided to completely remove the window and just make the entire site the viewer with the navigation at the top. With a little help from a friend we were able to provide a way to have a nice fade between pages, and have the page load extremely fast. This however was only the start, in this version you were also able to listen to music in a nice compact way, and it’s right up next to the navigation so it’s never too far away to switch songs. In version 4.0 I plan to upgrade even more features of the current site. 3.0 allows you to view content, but in a very boring text-only way. In 4.0 I’ve already incorporated a thumbnail viewing feature. They are also the size of thumbnails so you won’t be loading complete pictures through the whole page. To start that is what I did and the wallpapers images folder completely killed my browser due to the massive amounts of RAM it takes to load all those images. Again I asked my friend to help me out with an even better way to view it than it currently is, and he showed me this HighSlide addon, which right now isn’t looking like it’s going to get into the final version of the random site. Reason Well to start since browsers load images in a chronological order all the thumbnails have to be completely done first before the image you selected is loaded. This created a huge gap in time if the folder has a lot of pictures in it.

I have plans to also add a search(finally) into the area at the top and load up the results into a nice formatted page for the content you want. Below are some of the pictures of the site in it’s alpha/beta stages. As you notice the new random site window resizes based on your browser. That took some time to get to work without distorting anything. That’s for all of you complaining about how big the 3.0 site is. Oh, the background also fades in and out with different images just like the new homepages. (Gasp)

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