MoarDammit 2

The site that brought many hours of enjoyment is now due for it’s yearly upgrade, and this is a huge upgrade. I anticipate this upgrade taking more than a few months to bring to completion, but so far it’s well off and more than ready for basic usage by the public. Redesigning the CryeCSS page allows me to experiment with URL manipulation and get more experience with never reloading pages. This site comes with many features that the first site didn’t have, and it’ll expand on the features the first site already had. The first site had an upvote/downvote system that was just for visual appeal, that actually did absolutely nothing. The reason being that a friend of mine decided to take advantage of a bug that I was too lazy to fix. This bug was one that allowed someone to infinitely upvote or download any swf they wanted. Needless to say he upvoted #758 to the point where I decided to just remove the system all together, but still allow people to click it and get a response.

Unfortunately with a recent update that changed the alert system and how the report system worked somehow created a bug in the firefox version and removes the entire UI from view. This is a bug with the actual plugin I use for alerts, not any code that I wrote myself. This pushed me to make the second iteration of the site instead of trying to fix the current version, as it’s getting quite large and impossible to manage. MoarDammit 2 also has better cross browser compatibility. As well as a new UI that blows the current one out of the water. It’s still under heavy development and has a lot of work to be done.

I’ll continue posting more often on the development cycle and updates that come for the entire site, as well as planned features. Below is a list of planned features for the site as a whole.

  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Complete hard URLs (no hash tags)
  • Login System
  • Profiles
  • Favorites
  • Filters
  • Tags
  • Comment/Upload history
  • UI Enhancements
  • Customization that carries over when you log in somewhere else
  • Guest System (Local browser only)
  • Guest Commenting
  • Guest Upload
  • Guest Favorites
  • Warning system/NSFW Filters
  • Report System
  • Upload System
  • Donation System
  • Administration Panel
  • User Management
  • SWF Management
  • SWF System
  • Youtube System
  • Comment System
  • Reading Comments
  • Adding Comments
  • Report Comments
  • Delete Comments
  • Main menu
  • Menu System
  • Search System
  • HotKeys
  • Panel UI
  • Audio System (not SWF related)
  • Embed System

You can experience some of these features already included over at the current pre-alpha location. Please note that this site is under construction and it’s bound to have many bugs in it that I haven’t caught. If you’re on any browser other than chrome you’re bound to experience more bugs that I already noticed. At the time of writing this the public version doesn’t have working URL pushing after accepting the Epilepsy warning, and is fixed in the dev version. A simple fix is just reloading the page after you accepted the warning. Another bug that has been fixed already is the hide/restart SWF sequence. This has no fix in the public version because having the warning in breaks the hide function, funny enough.

If you want to have a fun time trying to break the new version I have a few tips. If your version doesn’t have broken hotkeys hold **C** or **M** and watch as sound spams and the SWF animates to try to catch up to the moving menu. I’ll eventually release a fix for this, but this isn’t really a site breaking bug, and if you’re holding the damn button it’s your own fault. This has been fixed though for holding the spacebar, left, and right arrows. That’ll cause the site to trip up on loading and might accidentally cause your browser to open a wormhole and get a SWF that might not be what you wanted. If you do manage to find a groundbreaking bug then please alert me. You can contact me via any of the methods found on my main website, or leave a comment here.

Until next update,


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