Infectum Development

A large jump in development happened today. I’ve been working for the past 3 hours and yet again another couple pages have been added to the entire document. I’m proud to have developed the rough sketch of the look of Neomor, story, and finally finished off the Mechanics section of the document. It’s quite a hefty section spanning around 15 pages. This will increase as the development continues so there is a central copy that holds all the information.

It has proven to be worth it to type up this document as it has kept my ideas solid and will prove to be efficient when developing as all the ideas are written down and complete. I hoping to get the document done within the next month so creating the game can start taking place. After completion of the document there will be a one week review period where I will collaborate with my team and make corrections and additions to the final copy. After these revisions are added the document is finalized and copyrighted. Development on the game can finally start!

Now in other news there was a shoutout by Phyrophobia on the Machinima Central Podcast. It is mentioned around 9:35, you can either listen to the banter between the cast members or skip to it.


Phyro however got some of the details wrong when mentioning the project. Phyro mentioned the name of the game Infectum, which is completely correct, but as for the pronunciation of my online alias he completely butchered. Nonetheless it is not very important. On to the next item he brings up, as for the rights I’ve acquired for the initial concept is a Garry’s Mod gamemode called Infected Wars. However ever since gaining the rights to use the basic concepts from that gamemode, Infectum has taken a turn for the better. It has included much more content than can be found in the gamemode and has more flexibility than what is normally expected from a Garry’s Mod gamemode. It will not feel like a direct copy and will have unique features that weren’t in Infected Wars. As for Phyro’s next comment on how the teams are setup, there will be more than 4 players per team. At max there could be 32 players per team. More details will be revealed on the gameplay aspect in the coming months, but as of right now you can view concepts from Infected Wars and get a feel for how Infectum will turn out. As for classed based warfare he also mentions, this game mechanic is still under development as it is conflicting with player progression. I cannot reveal much about it, but it is not a final decision to have class-based players. If you’re interested in more information about Infectum you can visit the game website here. ~You can follow the project development on twitter~

On a personal note to the Machinima Central team, I do not despise or hate anyone on the team. There has been issues with management that I disagreed with during the time I was involved, but none of the issues involved anyone from the podcast team.

Shout out Machinima Central for mentioning the project. It’s greatly appreciated for the support, even if it is just a minute!

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