MoarDammit Beta 2.1.3

5 years ago the project named Moardammit sprang to life and with it brought a whopping 24 swfs hardcoded into the index file. A lot has changed over the years starting with one file, then to thirty and then throwing that away entirely and starting fresh with Laravel 4. Writing the frontend entirely with jQuery and horribly coded event handling and dealing with numerous edge cases. Then comes along angular, the most painful thing to learn since I’ve started web development. Using Grunt and then Gulp. Upgrading to Laravel 5 and taking advantage of so many new PSR-4 features.

Even going as far as to say this is really MoarDammit 7 or 8 when you consider the many failed v2 editions. One using FuelPHP, CodeIgniter, and even CakePHP. There is an edition of it written in Ember and a piss poor attempt at React. All animations were done via javascript 4 years ago and now they’re all done via CSS. MoarDammit has evolved with web technologies moreso than any other project I’ve worked on. While doing so it’s also successfully migrated between 6 web hosts. It’s successfully migrated to SSL and further to a distributed cloud. It’s grown from the original 1000 to (count now) 9815. What originally was only a number after the domain now can contain many vanity

The current version is 2.1.3 and with 5 years of development I wish there was more to show but the development has been on/off with my many other projects I’ve had a part in.

MoarDammit might take another major overhaul of design on the frontend if I consider using Angular 2 to replace the 1.x frontend. It offers some benefits. So far I’ve been only tampering with it while I work on Synk, another project you can found out here. It is however a huge overhaul as most of the code isn’t reusable. I haven’t made my choice yet.

Future plans for MoarDammit are strong, it’s not going away anytime soon. I do plan to bring more of a community aspect to MoarDammit in allowing commenting and some amount of interaction. The announcement by Google that chrome will no longer have flash enabled by default does pose a concern when a majority of the content on my site is flash based. I’ve been trying to find ways of converting the content from swf to mp4 or webm for mobile compatability but it loses a lot of it’s pizzaz. I’ll probably figure something out, but it’s not a huge concern until flash isn’t even a plugin to enable, or it’s painfully hard to enable it. At that point I’ll probably have to consider the collection of swfs dead and move onto another format.

The delivery of MoarDammit will be the same the content underneath however will be different.

I’m pretty sure I’ve rambled on enough about plans and feelings on how far MoarDammit has come. Until the next update I’ll keep the roadmap open.

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