MoarDammit2 Alpha Update 0.15

Hallelujah! Update 0.15, the update which has the most features that improve user experience. I’ve worked hard on this update, it’s a partial update as some features aren’t activated yet. I’m sure you’ll still enjoy this update as the only features that are disabled are authentication ones. Here’s a list of the new features and fixes.




  • Custom Scaling for SWF added
  • Shards to prettify the fader screen.
  • Reporting of SWF’s
  • Direct SWF link within user panel
  • Highlight SWF in favorites area if on that number.
  • Authentication
  • Authentication security - one login
  • Continue cookie, when you come back you’ll return to your previous SWF (If no # is provided in URL)
  • Dragging Favorite to SWF container plays that number.


  • Updated to bootstrap 3
  • Forms to match new style
  • Sound engine for moardammit
  • Bottom bar now has a larger area for SWF’s


  • Online favorites only show when logged in, otherwise it shows only local favorites


  • ReCaptcha


  • Chrome/Safari on mac doesn’t display navigation correctly.
  • Scrolling in favorites window is per pane & correctly positions
  • If failed to get SWF information, user is now informed
  • When swf is hidden, still allow forward/backward navigation
  • Correctly scroll within panes in bottom bar.
  • URL manipulation stable in Internet Explorer
  • Opera UI faults fixed.
  • Form buttons are correctly handled for forms.
  • Hotkeys being disabled after login
  • Multiple binding of a textbox when menu changed
  • Double binding of sound, related to textbox issue
  • Hovering on Favorite Unit doesn’t have color
  • Firefox captures keyboard outputs when clicked on flash (Can’t reproduce anymore)
  • Error page doesn’t display right in Firefox
  • Fixed bug with spamming the swf change buttons rapidly breaking the swf history
  • Hiding the swf container rapidly would cause the SWF to not load.

Hope you enjoy the update! Any bugs that you find please report them on new bugtracker that I setup. If you would like to read more about this go to this blog post

Release party to celebrate #701

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