The first milestone of many.

We’re pleased to announce that the Game Design Document is a large bulky 60 page document consisting of everything there is about Infectum. It’s a huge milestone in the process. Soon after my partner returns the papers we can get started on revising the GDD and finalizing all the minor details. We can then start the fundraising for development. At this rate I’ve planned the schedule to start development of Infectum in late April to early May. The bulk of the project will be started in the summer and into the beginning of the following school year.

The next small step is to revise the entire document and finalize it. That’s the next goal and milestone. After that we can amass the funding required and get the entire project moving.

However with this new milestone the site has to change from it’s current state to be able to display more information than just stories, so I’ve started developing the new site and here’s what I have so far.

It’s not much of a demo as it’s just lorem ipsum text. It’s still being developed, but I believe the two column approach will be better than the single column that the site is currently. I’ve also widened the width of the site to allow more information to fit in the screen. This update should be done and finished by the end of the week. With this new update it’ll have new information relating to the game and news about it. So stick around and I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

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