The more updated Plan

Back in April I posted information about the state of CryeCSS and which projects were getting pushed around and brought up to the front. The site redesign was the highest on the list and that’s finally out in the public! I’m really happy with this update as it really feels comfortable, and it’s much faster compared to the previous website. Comes with this site though is a color definition for the site, as well as a shiny new logo to display.

Another thing to note is the URL scheme used on the new site, it no longer requires hash tags to do everything. It’s all done via hard URL’s. This combined with never reloading the site brings a extremely fast experience, loading the entire site within a second, and then allowing you to browse while we load the images in. All while keeping track of what’s left at the top of the page. The site takes on a minimalist approach by keeping as little on the page while also showing you the most amount of content that you can use. Buttons take your attention to lead you to more information. Unfortunately the site still doesn’t work flawlessly with Internet Explorer, as it refuses to get anything other than the top bar, the only part of the site that isn’t generated on the fly by content. This unfortunately leaves IE 9 out of the running for getting the content. Creating another new site for just IE is almost useless it’s stressful trying to create a site that works with IE when it just simply doesn’t work. The site works great with other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. The other major browsers work great with the new site.

With these new updates to the site though brings some more free time to take on a new project, I’m still trying to get into the game business, and I’m working in Unity and UDK in my spare time. However that’s only when I’m able to be home and working, with summer courses and work I’m usually stuck with my laptop and resort to working on website projects such as MoarDammit 2. More on that in the next month!

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