The Plan

Now probably some of you are wondering what’s going on with Slender: Reincarnation, Infectum, and Empires. Well to be honest Slender is by the furthest to being released due to the simplicity of the game within the game engine limitations. I find myself designing the projects, but never being able to find the time to actually develop and put forth time and love to completing the projects to the fullest extent. This is exactly what happened with Random Site back in the day when it was a very ambitious site. It’s actually almost exactly what stumbleupon is today, except with a few more features that take you out of the ‘browser’ and put you into the state that the site is part of the website. It would also allow you to customize it as much as you want since the rendering is done client-side, it was really an app before app’s became popular on the internet.

Enough about the past, RandomSite might eventually pop back into view, but for right now I don’t see it coming back anytime soon. MoarDammit is it’s younger brother that still is not finished itself. The front end is finished as far as I’m concerned, but the potential the site has for administration and moderation leaves much to be desired in terms of speed and ability to get content pumped out is sluggish.

As I redesign the CryeCSS main site I’m working a faster version of MoarDammit that includes much more features, and is robust in design and allows for more content to be available, but also allow you to have the most screen realestate possible to view the content. There’s still no final thoughts on design, in the coming months I’ll be releasing more and more information about it.

The game development ideas are still forward on the table, but for right now college is quite a time waster when it comes to programming these things. I can’t find enough time to get back to what I love doing, and that’s providing a great experience for websites. There is a redesign for CryeCSS coming in the months ahead, way before MoarDammit 2 is close to release, but it’s a hefty update. It’ll have the same premise as the current site, but much faster, and even easier for me to edit and add more content.

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