The state of CryeCSS Games

This post contains depressing information.

Okay, so you’re still reading. The state of the games projects within CryeCSS is just on a perpetual stall due to the continues inconsistency in development, as well as hours that I can put into development. Believe it or not it’s impossible to build a game from a laptop that only has 11.5 inches of screen real estate and integrated graphics. CryEngine burns up my laptop, and is ungodly slow. UDK just about the same, except it’s a little better. Unity results in the same lag, but it’s just inconvenient to try to program a game on my laptop when you can’t test what you’re programming. I’ve enlisted a friend to help with development, but that never seems to work out. So now I’m stuck back at the beginning. I’ve been developing websites for myself in my spare time instead of working on my goal of developing games.

I can never really start anywhere on my games as they’re extremely complex ideas. I’ve been programming for so long that I can probably handle them, but when I jump into the editor when I’m most ready to program is usually when I’m not at home on my desktop relaxing, it’s when I’m at work or have just my laptop. I’ve been debating purchasing a powerhouse laptop, but that’s just another thousand dollars I can use to expand my current PC, or invest in a micro server.

Recently, really at the end of last semester (around april), my friend and I decided to drop CryEngine 3 off of the list of possible engines to use. It’s simply too slow to update and increasingly difficult to get any type of support. Hell I spent 4 months trying to get any sort of help with a specific function. It never worked, and no one would really help me. Lo-and behold that feature I requested ended up being in Crysis 3. Only if there was a dev-kit for it I could probably look into that code and understand how they were able to do it and continue on my endeavors. Unfortunately with this I’m not considering CryEngine as CryeCSS’s engine choice. We’ve also decided to branch off into another group name for making games. More on that later, but it’ll be a subset of CryeCSS.

I’m going to try to push for the development of games in the coming months, and hopefully we’ll get the ball rolling.

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